Italy’s leader demands safe roads as death toll from bridge collapse rises to 42

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Italy’s president demanded guarantees Saturday that all the nation’s roads are safe following the Genoa highway bridge collapse, after he hugged and comforted mourners at a state funeral for many of the dead in the grieving port city.

Hours earlier, the toll from Tuesday’s bridge collapse rose unofficially to 42 with the discovery of four more bodies.

Firefighter Stefano Zanut told Sky TG24-TV they had extracted from tons of broken concrete the crushed car in which an Italian couple on vacation with their 9-year-old daughter had been traveling.

Zanut said the last body pulled from the wreckage was that of a young Italian man, an employee of Genoa’s trash company, who was working under the bridge when it collapsed. The man’s mother had refused to leave a tent set up a few hundred yards away from the rubble until his body was found.

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