This Must Happen for Apple to Finally Explode Beyond $1 Trillion Valuation

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For Apple’s (AAPL) stock to explode beyond a $1 trillion market cap, not just hover around it, a couple key things have to happen. First, Action Alerts Plus holding Apple has make good on its promise to aggressively spend its $285 billion plus in cash. If it does, the payoff could be huge. Researcher BDVD said this week Apple may increase stock buybacks to $65 billion a year and boost dividends by 15% annually for the next five years. The firm estimated the buyback will be worth a whopping 98 cents a share in fiscal 2019 and 30% cumulatively by 2023. Price target from BDVD on Apple: $368, or up 109% from current levels. Second consideration is that Apple’s service revenue has to accelerate

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